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If you are planning to study Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Tuina, please visit www.daa.academy 

We founded European Academy of Traditional Medical Science (EATMS) in 2008 in the Netherlands, since then a lot of continuing professional educaiton programs have been held which supports hundreds of TCM practitioners in the Netherlands and other European countries. Dutch Acupunctuer Academy (DAA) is powered by EATMS and become an independent TCM academy since 2019 who focus on the fundamental education providing diploma course of Acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tuina. 

The European Academy of Traditional Medical Science (EATMS) provides the elite postgraduate education of Traditional Medicine, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) (Dutch: Nascholing) and quality patient care in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina, and Medical Qigong.EATMS offers authentic oriental knowledge and experiences of Traditional Medicine by the most supreme professors and doctors. 

Below listed EATMS courses and seminars have been accredited by:• Dutch Association of Acupuncture (NVA)• Dutch Association and Traditional Chinese Medicine (NVTCG Zhong)• Dutch Acupuncture Association of Medical Doctors (NAAV), VNT, NWP, EUFOM

. Clinical application of classical herbal formulae
. Chinese Tuina Therapy
. Ankle and Wrist Acupuncture
. Medical Qigong for TCM therapists
. TCM gynecology 
. Advanced needling technique
. Abdominal Acupuncture
. Chrono Acupuncture
. Acupuncture and Pregnancy
. Advanced Cupping Therapy
. Four Seasons Yang Sheng
. Practical Physical examination
. Clinic TCM treatment for infantile diseases
. TCM Master Trip to Nanjing University of TCM
. TCM comprehensive treatment for spine-related diseases.  

In June 2019, EATMS has proudly become the International Training Center in the Netherlands for the Academic Hospital Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Postgraduate professional education and pre-professional clinical education are the two main focal points of the cooperation.

European Academy of Traditional Medical Science values… 

• The quality of education both on theoretical and clinical

• Harmony and Balance of heaven, earth, and human beings 
• Embracing the Philosophy and Spirit of Traditional Medical Science 

• Respect the diversity of culture and customs 

• Caring and Compassion of practitioners and patients

The primary goals of the Academy are to: 

• Provide a contemporary education in the science of Traditional Medicine with a thorough understanding of theory systems, critical thinking, problem-solving and guidance in clinical practice of Acupuncture, Tuina, Herbal Medicine, and Medical Qigong;

• Provide an understanding of holistic TCM philosophy, and knowledge of its historical and cultural roots and clinical applications that will form the basis to thrive in an integrated health care marketplace; 

• Provide a clinical experiences exchange forum for specialists of traditional medicine by publications, seminars, workshops, and congresses;

• Create a harmonizing environment for TCM practitioners, patients and public;

• Provide professional development programs and postgraduate projects for alumni and other practitioners;

• Integrate with Universities and Institutes of Chinese Medicine worldwide.