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In your initial consultation, please bring your health insurance policy paper and insurance card. The data relevant to the consideration of the consultation are included in the invoice that you can submit to your insurance company.

Cancellation by telephone or email at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise a charge would be applicable.



First consult €35
Acupuncture treatment € 65
First consult + Acupuncture treatment €90
From the second Acupuncture treatment: € 65
Ear Acupuncture: € 40

Long Acupuncture € 115 

Consultation without acupuncture treatment:  € 65


Chinese Herbal Medicine 

First Herbal medicine consult fee € 40.00
From the second herbal medicine consult fee € 25.00
Cost of Chinese herbal medicine per week: €45 

Consultation without herbal medicine: € 65

Long Consultation: € 90 


First Consult €35
Tuina treatment € 80
First Tuina consult and Tuina treatment €105
From the Second Tuina treatment: € 80

Long Tuina: € 145

Tuina and Acupuncture Combi

Combination of Acupuncture and Tuina treatment € 105

Long Acupuncture and Tuina: € 135



Cupping therapy  € 65 

Second Opinion

Second Opinion consultation (with patient only): €80
Second Opinion consultation (with patient and practitioner together): €95

General health/lifestyle Consult

General health/lifestyle consult without treatment arrangement € 90


Cost & reimbursement

As registered TCM Practitioners the treatment is covered by most of medical insurance companies in the Netherlands for those who have extra insurance. For details please contact with your insurance company.


Is this your first experience to a consult of Chinese Medicine? Please download the patients form ( download ) and send as attachment to info@klinic.nl

Summary compensation insurance ( direct view | download11 )