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Patient info


First time to visit Klinic?

If this is the first time for you to visit Klinc, it might be helpful to read the following information in advance.

1. How long does the intake last?

The first intake may last 30 - 45 minutes since it is an extensive and personal intake process. 

2. Do I get treatment already after the first intake?

Yes, unless more exam or test need to be done by the GP or specialists. 

3. Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are small-hair thin, mostly you won't even feel them. Some patients experience slightly dull, uncomfortable pain when the needles are placed in, but hardly feel anyhting once the needles are all set. 

4. Are herbal medicine hard to drink?

Herbal medicine is different from common tea or juice, it is often mixed by different sorts of herbs. The age of our herbal medicne patients spns from 3 to age 90 years old. By the way, Chinese people think coffee tastes worse than herbal medicine. 

5. I am taking western medicine, can I still take herbal medicine?

Principally yes, though we advise you to take them apart minimum one hour. 

6.  Can I eat before I come for acupuncture?

Yes. You should not come with empty stomach, though it is not suggestible to eat too full, drink alcohol, have strong sports one hour before your acupuncture. 

7. Do I need to wear special cothes for acupuncture?

Normally it is not necessary unless you dislike to expose some parts of your body, then we advise you to dress on / bring sportwears with you. 

8. Can I go to work after acupuncture treatment?

Yes. Acutually most of people do so. But we advise you to avoid excessive physical exertion, sports. 

9. Is parking easy nearby Klinic?

Parking in Amsterdam center is always a mystery, sometime it can be very easy though mostly it is rather challenging. If you have to come by car, we advise you to park in the underground parking of OBA Amsterdam in Oosterdok, it takes 6-10 minutes walking to Klinic. 

10. Do I need to bring other medical files with me?

Yes, we have asked you when you fill in the registration form. It is very necessary and helpful. 

Which diseases may acupuncture treat effectively or support? 

WHO (World Health Organization) has listed quite broad rang of symptoms, diseases and conditions that have been shown through controlled trials to be treated effectively by acupuncture. You may find those information from www.who.int

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